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Fast Fact: Appeal to any customer with 450 amazing products worldwide

When Amway was founded 60 years ago, it only sold one product: Frisk, a multi-purpose cleaner. And as the company grew, it added more products to its portfolio.

Today, Amway is known worldwide for its more than 450 unique products, from environmentally sensitive laundry detergent and cleaning supplies to nutritional supplements and high-quality skincare and cosmetics.

Our nutrition brand combines cutting-edge science with natural botanicals. The Nutrilite™ brand features a wide range of vitamins and supplements, from the best-selling Nutrilite Double X™ multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement (which contains 12 vitamins, ten minerals and 22 plant concentrates) to more targeted products like Nutrilite All-Plant Protein Powder or Nutrilite Joint Health.

We also offer a personalized and sustainable weight-loss program that is backed by science. The BodyKey by Nutrilite brand is a line of dietary supplements, pre-portioned snacks and meal replacement shakes formulated to help people reach their weight loss goals.

Our beauty brand, Artistry™, has been seen on the red carpets of some of the most significant events in the world, from New York Fashion Week to the Busan International Film Festival. The Artistry portfolio spans clinically proven skincare collections to seasonal cosmetic collections.

Artistry Studio™ brand is the hottest new launch, with color makeup collections inspired by the most vibrant global cities. These products are designed for on-the-go professionals who want to combine their love for business with their passion for beauty and fashion.

Home Care
We’ve always been known for our earth-sensitive laundry products and cleaning formulas, but we’ve grown even more popular for our home durables products: eSpring™, the world’s largest selling brand of kitchen water treatment systems,* and Atmosphere Sky™, the best-performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants.**

Sports Nutrition
XS™ Sports Nutrition products and XS™ Energy Drinks are sought after by fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Its zero-sugar blast energy drinks are packed with B vitamins for positive energy without the sugar crash. The brand also offers pre-performance and recovery products to help hydrate, energize and recharge.

*Based on Verify Markets study of 2015 sales.
**Based on internet claims as of February 2018 and based on 99.99% removal of airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.007 microns from air passing through the system.
Fast Fact: 75 scientific labs around the world testing quality, assuring standards

Amway’s research and development (R&D) team of nearly 1,000 scientists, engineers and technicians work to identify, formulate and create Amway’s exclusive products across the world.

A global network of laboratories
While Amway has more than 100 scientific laboratories worldwide, most are located at Amway World Headquarters in Ada, Michigan and the Nutrilite Center of Optimal Health in Buena Park, California. It’s at these labs where ingredients are examined and products are formulated. The vitamins you take each morning? They were probably formulated in one of our main R&D centers in the U.S.

Other labs, like the Amway Botanical Research & Development Center in China or the Asia Beauty Institute in Korea, are focused on investigatory missions for future products.

Types of Labs
When you think of a laboratory, images of scientists mixing bubbling, smoking formulas in glass beakers may come to mind. But, there’s much more to Amway labs.

We have labs dedicated to product formulation, as well as to product testing to ensure their shelf life and efficacy after being exposed to heat, cold, oxygen or machines that can mimic the effect of time.

Our scientists aren’t reviewing only data and numbers. Our stain removal labs put our laundry products to work, ensuring they can get out everything from wine to tomato sauce, while our kitchen labs cook up tasty foods to test our cookware and our durables team demonstrates the purifying power of eSpring™.

We also have labs that test packaging in various scenarios. Our packaging lab (also known as the “Room of Doom”) drops and throws products, exposes them to intense heat, extreme cold and high pressure, and other circumstances our products could encounter before they reach you.

Our labs work in tandem to guarantee the efficacy of our products and they will be delivered as promised.
Fast Fact: Nearly 6,000 acres of certified organic farmland are owned and operated by Amway

People are often surprised to learn that many of the ingredients found in Amway™ products (specifically nutrition and beauty products) derived from plants that are grown on our own farms.* In fact, Nutrilite™ is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms*. These farms encompass nearly 6,000 acres of certified organic farmland in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil.

Organic farming certainly isn’t an easy way to go; it means having to find natural alternatives for pesticides, fertilizers and other farming treatments. But the result – quality plants that retain important phytonutrients without harmful chemicals – is worth it.

Here’s facts about our organic farms around the world:

Rancho El Petacal
Our certified organic farm in Jalisco, Mexico, grows a variety of crops, including broccoli, parsley, alfalfa, kale, grapefruit and oranges. Nearly all the crops here are harvested by hand, and the plants are fertilized naturally with the on-site worm farm.

Trout Lake Farms
Split into two farms (Trout Lake East and Trout Lake West), these farms grow botanicals, including blueberries, echinacea, peppermint, valerian, dandelion and oregano. These farms use a team of falcons to provide quiet, neighbor-friendly and non-lethal crop protection – it’s just one of the many natural, sustainable farming practices that Trout Lake Farms use to ensure high-quality ingredients.

Fazenda Amway Nutrilite do Brasil
Nestled in Ubajara, Brazil, is the largest grove of acerola cherry trees (416,000 trees in 77 different varieties). This vitamin-C-packed fruit is the basis for much of the vitamin C in fruit concentrates included in Amway products, like Vitamin C Extended Release and the essentials by Artistry™ line.

The plants grown on these farms are often an inspiration for Amway’s product innovation while supplying botanicals for Nutrilite and Artistry products. The next time you pick up an Amway product, check out the ingredient list – many of the natural ingredients included likely came from plants that were grown our farms.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited: www.euromonitor.com/amway-claims
**Ingredients and products are not organic.
Fast Fact: We have a supplement for you, no matter your lifestyle, age or need

Since the Nutrilite™ brand founding in 1934, its mission has been to help people fill the nutritional gaps in their diet. In fact, 60-87 percent of people worldwide don’t meet the daily minimum of fruits and vegetables as recommended by the World Health Organization.

The Nutrilite Health Institute’s Global Phytonutrient Report finds most people would need to double their intake of fruits and vegetables to meet the minimum global recommendation. But with seasonality, busy lifestyles and the cost of fruits and vegetables – it’s not easy.

That’s where Nutrilite vitamins and supplements come in – they can help fill the gap between your current and optimal diet. But it’s not a one size fits all approach. Your nutritional needs vary as you age – or depending on your needs and lifestyle, which is why Amway offers a diverse portfolio of nutritional products.

For people on-the-go, it isn’t easy to get all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. That’s why multi-vitamin products like Nutrilite Double X™ supplements or Nutrilite Daily are great for supporting your overall health. There are also curated vitamin packs (like Nutrilite Men’s Pack and Nutrilite Women’s Pack) that include four vitamins that are easy to take with you to work or when you travel.

Amway offers different products for every member in the family, as each person’s nutritional needs vary. For kids, Nutrilite Kids Brainiums DHA™ supplements are a tasty way for young ones to get omega-3 fatty acids from DHA, which is vital for brain health in the early stages of a child’s development. The flavored and chewable gummies make them easier for kids to take. For aging adults, there’s the Nutrilite Strong Living Pack, a combo of supplements that promote joint health, memory, focus and vision health.

Nutrilite brand offers very targeted supplements for people with specific needs or looking for special benefits. From supplements for bone health to brain health, liver health to digestive health, there’s something for everyone. Amway also offers a line of BodyKey™ weight management products, including meal replacement shakes, snacks and supplements for those looking to slim down in a balanced, sustainable manner.
Fast Fact: High quality beauty products backed by nearly 1,000 scientists, 200 patents and third-party testing

At Amway, our beauty products aren’t just made to look pretty, they’re backed by a deep expertise in skin science. Our research and development team of nearly 1,000 scientists and technicians have more than 200 patents and patents pending.

“Consumers expect premium skincare formulas to be luxurious throughout product life. We must ensure they hold their integrity throughout the shelf life,” said Aimee Herbel, an Amway scientist.

Artistry™ products are put to the test with robust clinical trials and third-party testing to ensure that what’s promised is what’s delivered.

Formulas for different skin types
Artistry skincare collections are formulated to address different skincare needs. Some products, like those in the Artistry Youth Xtend™ line, promote anti-aging benefits by targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Others, like Artistry Hydra-V™ brand, help skin to look more supple and smoother with a boost of hydration. From oily to dry to combination skin, there’s a skincare collection for everyone.

Infused with natural botanicals
One of the aspects that sets Artistry products apart from the competition is its use of botanicals in skincare formulas. Amway R&D experts search the world for the best, most effective plant ingredients to include in future Amway™ products.

For example, Artistry Supreme LX™ Regenerating Cream is a luxurious, high-performance anti-aging formula that’ll make skin act up to 15 years younger. The cream is powered by a variety of botanicals that help to resynchronize the skin’s biorhythms and protect the skin from harmful effects of environmental damage and stresses.

Constant innovation
Artistry scientists work hard to ensure products and formulas stay on the cutting-edge of skincare technology and meet customer desires.

Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum is an example of both. You can create your own serum by adding up to three amplifiers (which target different needs like wrinkles, hydration, brightening or firming) to the base serum.

These serums are loaded with more than 2.5 times the amount of key performing ingredients compared to Artistry cream moisturizers.*

With more than 50 years of skin research, we continue to push science and technology to deliver high-quality beauty products with clinically proven results.

*Comparison of key ingredients average of Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum (Base Serum plus each individual amplifier) vs. key ingredients average of Artistry cream moisturizers (Artistry Hydra-V™, Artistry Ideal Radiance™, Artistry Youth Xtend™).
Fast Fact: Boost your energy with XS, the first exclusively sugar free energy drink brand sold globally

In 2001, XS™ was launched in Laguna Beach, California to deliver positive energy via great-tasting, low-calorie, sugar-free drinks that are loaded with B-vitamins. This is in stark contrast to competitor brands that can contain upwards of 27 grams of sugar. In fact, XS Energy was the first exclusively sugar-free energy drink brand sold globally.*

Amway has been the exclusive distributor of XS since 2003, during which time the brand has rapidly expanded and is now in 56 countries worldwide. Its product line has also grown to meet customer and market needs.

Here’s a look at the newest additions to the XS brand in recent years:

Sparkling Juiced Energy Drinks
XS brand launched a line of Sparkling Juiced energy drinks, which contains 25 percent real fruit juice, 200 percent of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and our proprietary blend of B vitamins – all without added sugars. It’s available in refreshing flavors like pink grapefruit, dragon fruit or pineapple mango guava.

Energy + Burn
Another newer XS product line is the Energy + Burn drinks, which feature the combined benefits of Essentra®† (for mental clarity) and WellTrim®† iG (African Mango Seed Extract) with the same amount of caffeine per can as an eight-ounce cup of coffee. These also include the signature XS B vitamin blend. It’s available in two flavors, blood orange and strawberry.

Sports Nutrition
The XS Energy brand doesn’t only encompass energy drinks. In 2016, it debuted a line of sports nutrition products that help fuel an active and adventurous lifestyle by quenching thirst, boosting and sustaining energy, hastening recovery and building of lean muscle mass after exercise. From protein shakes to energy bars, pre-workout drinks to rhodiola energy supplements, there are products for all types of athletes and their workout needs.

†Essentra® is a registered trademark of Nutragenesis, LLC. WellTrim is a registered trademark of Icon Group, LLC.
Fast Fact: Legacy of Clean SA8 is a phosphate-free, biodegradable laundry detergent

It may be a surprise that decades before “phosphate-free” or “biodegradable” became popular, Amway launched SA8™ laundry detergent, an earth-sensitive laundry detergent that was both.

Early laundry detergents used phosphates to make the formula more efficient. However, because phosphates remain in the water, it causes nutrient pollution when it ends up in bodies of water like lakes, ponds and streams.

Early on, Amway scientists discovered a way to create a laundry detergent that shed phosphates for other ingredients that produced clothes just as clean as those with phosphates.

While the formula has been adapted over the years, SA8 laundry detergent still remains largely the same. The formula is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice program for containing safer ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality or performance.

It’s a biodegradable formula without phosphates or chlorine, and it doesn’t leave any irritating residue. And, it’s safe for use in all modern washers including HE (high efficiency).

SA8 is available in both a powder form and a liquid form. For some, it’s a preference, but there’s actually science behind which type of detergent to use.

“Powder is best for heavy-duty fabrics like whites and work uniforms,” said Amway laundry stain expert Jim Pell. “For color sensitive fabrics, choose liquid detergent, since its better at preserving color.”

While laundry detergent may not be top of mind, it’s something that everyone uses, every week around the world. We’re proud to offer a detergent formula that’s safer for your family and our planet.
Fast Fact: eSpring Water Purifier effectively removes more than 99.99% of waterborne, disease causing bacteria and viruses

Amway has always been focused optimal health. It’s not only through our nutrition supplements and products, but also with our home durables products like the eSpring™ water treatment system. We introduced our first water treatment system in 1984 and have continued to lead the industry since.

Available in both above and below-counter models, the eSpring Water Purifier system connects with your tap to offer cleaner, clearer and better tasting water.

But don’t just take it from us. The eSpring™ water treatment system has been certified by NSF International to effectively reduce more than 160 contaminants, including 140 potential health-effect contaminants – more than any other NSF-certified carbon filtration/ultraviolet (UV) light treatment point-of-use system.

How clean is your water?
Whether you get your water from a municipal water source, a rooftop water tan or a well, there are so many ways contaminants can sneak in.

Even after water leaves a water treatment facility, it can still contain pollutants like mercury, lead, asbestos, radon, pesticides, and more than 20 endocrine disrupters -- and that’s just a partial list!

Contamination of water can come from a variety of sources including industry, agriculture and nature. The drinking water distribution system – including corroded pipes, rooftop reservoirs, and even in-home plumbing components – can be potential sources as well.

Point-of-use water filters, like the eSpring system, act as a final barrier between those contaminants and your drinking water. In fact, eSpring brand effectively reduces more than 140 potential health-affect contaminants, but it leaves in beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Carbon block filter meets UV light
The device uses carbon block filter technology. In this process, the water goes through a dense carbon block to effectively reduce contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, lead, mercury and VOCs, as well as eliminating unpleasant odor and taste.

But that’s not all. eSpring products elevate water purification up another level by filtering the water with an ultraviolet lamp that effectively destroys more than 99.99 percent of waterborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses that carbon filters cannot get alone.

The eSpring™ water treatment system makes having better tasting, higher quality water in your own home a simple and accessible option to help provide the whole family with safe, clean drinking water.
Fast Fact: Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment System removes 99.9% of airborne allergens that pass through the system

Poor air quality continues to plague cities across the nation, from New York City to Los Angeles. And while harmful contaminants fill the air outside, the air inside our homes can be up to five times more polluted.

Our Atmosphere Sky™ air treatment system is designed to remove the airborne contaminants as small as .007 microns and odors from air passing through the unit – protecting families against pollutants invisible to the human eye while assuring cleaner air.

In fact, the Atmosphere Sky system is the best-performing HEPA air purifier among top competitors for removing allergens and other contaminants.* Plus, it’s the only air purifier among top competitors to reduce odors like cooking, pets, formaldehyde, mildew and chemicals like ozone.**

Filter Power
“Filters are the workhorse of air treatment systems,” says Brian Beals, one of Amway’s air treatment engineers. “Atmosphere Sky offers three-stage filtration that removes 99.99% of airborne particles as small as .007 microns from air passing through the unit.”

First, air enters through the pre-filter, which captures the larger particles like hair and dust bunnies. Then, the particle filter removes smaller indoor air contaminants, like pollen, dander, dust and smoke. Finally, the carbon filter reduces dangerous gas molecule and neutralizes odors.

And as the Atmosphere Sky™ air treatment system can effectively eliminate more than 130 airborne contaminants from air passing through its filters, it’s the perfect room device to ensure your air is in the clear!

Connected Home
Atmosphere Sky™ is the first Amway™ product to launch with a connected experience. The Atmosphere™ Connect app allows users to monitor indoor room air quality and view system data like filter status. It uses both Wi-Fi®† and Bluetooth®† wireless for long-range, consistent coverage.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags ensure the Atmosphere Sky™ unit automatically recognizes filters and precisely monitors filter life.

It’s all part of an evolved product development process that delivers what customers need paired with cutting-edge science and advanced digital technology.

*Based on internet claims as of February 2018 and based on 99.99% removal of airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.007 microns from air passing through the system.
**Based on internet claims as of February 2018.
†Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance Corporation. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth Sig, Inc.
Fast Fact: More than 80 years ago, Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg developed the first multivitamin sold in North America

While Nutrilite™ Founder Carl Rehnborg was living in China in the early 1900s, he noticed correlations between the native’s diets and nutritional health. In metropolitan areas, he noted people suffered from poor health and ate a diet higher in fats, sugars and salt with less plant-based foods. In rural parts, he found people ate more fresh fruits and vegetables and were healthier overall.

He identified the link between better health and a diet infused with fruits and vegetables as “associated food factors.”

In 1926, Carl was confined with other expats in camps during political unrest in Shanghai. Food was scarce. To supplement his diet, he made crude soups of grasses, plants, shaved rusty nails for the iron and ground animal bones for the calcium.

In 1927, he returned to the U.S. with a revolutionary idea to help fill the gaps in people’s daily diets with a supplement packed with essential vitamins, minerals and “associated food factors.”

Six years later, Carl launched the first multivitamin/multimineral supplement in the U.S., named Vita-6 for the six vitamins in the formula.

Fast forward to today – Amway is renowned for its safe, effective and high-quality plant-based vitamins and dietary supplements. In fact, the Nutrilite™ is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.

We now know the “associated food factors” that Carl identified nearly a century ago as phytonutrients, natural chemicals that benefit our health in countless ways.

“My father’s concept was a very holistic approach,” said Sam Rehnborg, the youngest son of the Nutrilite founder. “He didn’t feel (people) needed only individual vitamins. They needed a balanced approach to good nutrition. It’s the story we told from the very beginning and one that science has proven. Vitamins don’t work individually. They work collectively with other vitamins.”

Nutrilite Double X™ supplements is an example of how far Amway and the Nutrilite brand have come since Vita-6. One of Amway’s best-selling supplements, it features 12 vitamins, 10 minerals and 22 plant concentrates to support a healthy brain, eyes, skin, bones, heart and immune system. It also features an array of plant-based ingredients (many grown on Amway’s certified organic farms), including blueberries, rosemary, alfalfa, parsley and acerola cherries.