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Asher Garvens

Asher Garvens

Jere and Eileen Dutt Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Washington University in St. Louis

People don’t often think of dentists as providing hope, but Asher Garvens says that’s exactly what his grandfather does by volunteering in Haiti year after year. “He takes care of patients’ teeth, but he also takes time to teach them about caring for themselves in the future,” Asher explained. “He gives them hope that they can be in control of their own destinies.”

His grandfather’s experiences inspired Asher to make his own difference too. At just 13 years old, Asher went on his first mission trip to Choluteca in Honduras. He wasn’t sure how much he could accomplish as a young teen, but with the help of the group Mission Lazarus, the answer was a lot! Asher and his mission teammates cared for children in an orphanage and helped build houses and furniture. Asher even led a carpentry class to teach local youth how to build things too.

“Like my grandfather, I used time and patience to ensure that my students understood the lessons so that they could confidently share what they learned with others in their houses or schools,” Asher said. “I wanted to give these children hope.”

Asher’s experience in Choluteca meant so much that he went back for two more mission trips, deepening his relationship with the people he served. These trips also made him sure of his future – today Asher is studying neuroscience and plans to go to medical school and become a doctor.

“I like being able to help people,” Asher said. “Not just giving people the answer but helping them understand what to do next time. They can live, hopeful and happy, knowing that they have the power to help themselves more than I ever could.”

Connecting with people and helping them help themselves is also why Asher became an Independent Business Owner like his parents. “My parents introduce people to Amway products and the business by being kind and relating to them,” Asher said. “It’s important to get to know people, because people want to be known.”

Those same values are exactly what being a leader means to Asher. He said, “Through my experiences on missions or just helping out my local community, leading events or creating new clubs at my school, I was able to develop my leadership style. I love to guide and share what I have learned with others so that they can become their own teachers and pass on that knowledge to others.”

Asher recognizes that being a doctor, business owner and leader will take a lot of work, but he’s naturally curious and loves to dig into new challenges. His trips and his Amway business have taught him a strong work ethic and determination, and his Founders Memorial Scholarship will help him get even closer.

“In Honduras I met a woman who had built up her farm to become a coffee plantation,” Asher explained. “I was inspired by everything she did to achieve her dreams. I believe I’ll achieve mine too because I’m confident in my ability to do what I focus on. Medical school won’t be easy, but if it was easy, it might not feel as valuable.”

IBO Founding Family


We are proud to play a small part in assisting Asher toward his goal of sharing his medical knowledge with the world. We are sure his vision to carry on a family tradition of helping those in need will impact thousands of people around the globe.

– The Dutt Family