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Photo of Margarito and Martha Aguilar Photo of Margarito and Martha Aguilar
Kenna became interested in pet therapy in 2010, after retiring from 33 years as a corrections officer. She is quick to offer an example of the benefits: “At a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and dementia residents, there was one lady who never talked. After we visited for awhile, she started smiling at me. Then, six months ago, after visiting for over two years, she started talking. The staff said that she only talks on the days the dogs come.”

Thanks to each dog’s unique personality, Keena and her Great Danes are able to help people with a broad range of ages and needs. “Bella is laid-back and she does really well with the seniors, while Zoey has more puppy energy, so she’s better with kids,” she said. But the work doesn’t only benefit others, as her husband, Michael Moore, notes. “It’s been nothing but positive, and it’s helped Keena become more relaxed and self- confident.”

You can watch two interviews featuring Keena and Zoey on YouTube®†.

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